DealDash Traits of the “Power Bidder”

So you want to be a Power Bidder, or at least think like one?  Well, did you ever wonder why the same players keep winning big at DealDash?  I have notice some familiar traits that Power Bidders have.

Tenacity! They stay involved with one auction at DealDash, this is the most basic and simple way to win auctions consistently.  It may not be the most exciting way to win, but it is consistent.  Let’s say you purchased 1000 bids, and you want to win a razor worth about $150.  The formula to bid to the Buy It Now price would be the cost of the item divided by the price of bids, for example, $150./.15 cents = 1000 bids to BIN.  So now you have purchased the 1000 bids and set out to win your razor with 100 of them, ugh, mistake number one.

You know you need 1000 to BIN, stick to that plan but in the meantime, if bid in 5 other auctions all while the razor is ticking away the 100.  Suddenly, you realize you need to put more bids on the razor, but you are short on bids now because you spread yourself too thin.  So, I’ve seen many DealDash Power Players play only one auction at a time and play it hard.

Second, I have see confidence in many bids, if you can afford to, buy 1000’s at a time, you are more confident in the auctions and (I) you tend to be more conservative and yet fearless with more bids.  This is not to say your couldn’t win with 200 bids, you most certainly can, I’m saying you will have more confidence, therefore not pull out, second guess you decisions and lose the auction.

Third, they always know when to fold them.  They don’t overBIN, it’s just foolish.  If you want something that takes 1000 bids and you don’t win after 1000 bids, but you then bid on and on and suddenly you did win with 1500 bids, now you’ve paid 50% more for the item, and you don’t have your bids back.  If you purchased it at 1000 bids, you’d own it and have the bids back, another win-win!

There are a lot of subtle nuances when deciding to stay or go in an auction, just listen to that inner voice, try not to overbid, it’s not practical and always keep your eye on the prize, if you spread yourself too thin, you may lose.  We’re all here for one reason and that is to win a great deal and people do it all day every day at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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