Buy It Now, BIN & Binning at DealDash

So you love to bid, bid, bid!  It’s fun and exciting especially when you win! The fireworks are awesome! But if you don’t win at DealDash you can Buy It Now (BIN) and DealDash will give you all the bids you used trying back to try and win another item.

You can purchase an item you’ve bid on for up to one week after you don’t win it.  If you go to your Dashboard, you will find a list of all your items right on the front page.  You can also find the item in your bidding history, both places will tell you how many bids will be returned to your account if your BIN.  It’s simple, make the purchase and the bids are automatically loaded into your account.

The way to figure out how many bids to use before you BIN is to take the retail value of the item listed on the DealDash site and divide it by the cost of the bids when you purchase it.  That will result in the number of bids to use before you back out and buy it.

For example, you love this toaster, it’s a popular item, but it will still go for a fraction of the retail price, but you want to be sure you give the auction all the benefit of the doubt and load up on the BIN amount of bids. Let’s say the toaster retails for $89.00 and bids are .15 cents each.  Your calculation will look like this 89./.15=593 bids.

You don’t want to exceed that number of bids because you would then be paying more than retail.  Chances are very good that no one else will place 593 bids on the auction and you will win it for much less, but if you don’t, you have Binning to fall back on.

This is a wonderful gift from DealDash, they really care about the bidding experience on their site, and they really want their players to win.  It doesn’t please them to have you go away empty-handed, you have to win or BIN.  Either way, you have your item!  If you bought it you have your bids back too!  Win-Win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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