Happy One Year DealDash Free Bid-aversary to Me…

Today I reached a DealDash milestone I’m pretty excited about! After 365 days of consecutive bidding, I am declaring today my “one year Free Bidaversary! And although I’ve been actively bidding on DealDash for almost two years, this day holds particular significance in the way of free bids. DealDash offers several programs to award its bidders free bids and daily bidding is just one way to rack up those free bids—and we all love free bids! If you’re not familiar with the ways you can earn free bids on DealDash, below is an overview of a few that are sure to please.


Bid Daily for Up to 30 Free Bids Each Day

This is the program I’m celebrating my one year Free Bid-Aversary with! You start out earning one free bid for your first day of bidding and then progress to earning 10 free bids on the sixth consecutive day of bidding and work your way up to 30 free bids on the 15th consecutive day of bidding and each consecutive day thereafter.   All it takes is one solitary bid on any auction and the free bids are automatically added to your bid account. By participating in this promotion for one consecutive year, I have earned exactly 10,664 free bids! Not too shabby!


Level up! The More You Bid, the More Free Bids You Earn

For each bid you place on DealDash, you are awarded up to 10 seconds per bid (this can be as much as 2x, 3x or even 4x that amount during special promotions) toward the time ticker. When you advance a level you earn free bids! When you start out, you’re advancing levels pretty quickly earning from two to 30 free bids during your first 10 levels. You earn 125 free bids at level 16, 150 at levels 17 through 23 and then you start earning 200 or more free bids for each additional level you reach. Keep an eye on the bottom right hand corner of your screen for a box that says Claim Free Bids! It will light up when you have reached a new level.  I recently reached level 40 and earned 620 free bids that were promptly added to my account. So far I’ve earned 9,414 free bids from this program over 22 months.


Submit a Weekly Photo or Video of Your Big Win

You can easily earn up to 350 free bids once per week for submitting a photo or video of your big DealDash win.  Photos are great but imagine the fun you could have submitting a video of you demonstrating your new product in action and telling readers more about it. By simply following the directions on the provided link you could win up to 18,200 free bids per year.


Review Your Wins on DealDash

For those wins that are shipped to your home, you can review those products to earn 10 free bids per review on DealDash. Now that may not seem like a boatload, but even one win and review a week can net you 520 free bids. Not all products are eligible for review but don’t pass up this opportunity. Check your emails for reminders or go to your Won Auctions section and look for the prompt links to review items.


Thanks for reading and in some small way sharing in my One Year Free Bid-Aversary!!! I hope you take part in some of the many ways you can earn free bids on DealDash!  Happy Bidding! I’m off to celebrate in style—with another win!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.