How to Learn About New Auction Items on DealDash

Wondering whether or not DealDash will offer something you’ve had your eye on, but really want to be able to get it at a discount? The website is organized in such a way that you can find all of the current and upcoming auctions.
Looking for a specific category of items? First check out the navigation menu. It can be found on the top left-hand side of the site under “browse categories.”
Notice that once you hover your cursor over the browse categories bar a list of categories will drop down. Menu selections include all auctions, new items, bid packs, cameras & camcorders, computers, laptops & tablets, fashion, health & beauty, gift cards, hobbies, outdoors  & sports, home & office, kitchen & appliances, mobile phones & audio,
tools & home improvement, toys, kids & baby, video games, music & movies, and “other” – other could include auctions for Omaha Steaks meat/fish products, pet items, batteries, random stuff such as a solar panel, TIDE pods and more!
auction categories
The category menu is great, but if you need a better way to find what you are looking for and you know what you’re specifically wanting to bid on to try to win, be sure you check out the auction bar. Click “Search Auctions to the middle/right of the homepage” and search for the item in particular.
Let’s say you wanted to buy a brand new Surface Tablet – go to the search bar and type in “Surface Tablet.”
Note that to the left side of the auctions you will see ended auctions for a  Surface Pro 2 and a Surface Pro. To the right you will find an active auction – the rest of the page is filled with upcoming auctions for Surface Tablet accessories, messenger bags, cases, and such:
Perhaps instead of a Surface Tablet you’re in the market for a brand new laptop, maybe you don’t know which laptop you want you just feel like bidding and trying to win any of them. In the search box type in “laptop” – you will find upcoming and current auctions as well as “coming soon” auctions – in order to get notified of when these auctions will start be sure to click on the yellow button “Alert Me” and you will receive a notification when the auction is scheduled to begin.upcoming
Note that when you search for something with a general word such as laptop and not a particular item such as an Acer Aspire laptop, you will sometimes get results for other items that have laptop in the title. A Swiss laptop backpack, a VTech kids laptop, and so on!
What do you want to bid on at DealDash?