Bid Pack Misconceptions

To bid or not to bid on bid packs? That is the question!

I decided to write this blog about some “misconceptions” shoppers might have about bid packs, but first I will attempt to answer some questions about some advantageous reasons shoppers place bids on bid packs in the first place.

Why or Why Not Bid on Bid Packs

DealDash shoppers bid on bid packs to greatly enhance bidding power to win some high-dollar auction products. If we win a bid pack, instead of paying a sale price of 11 or 12 cents per bid or more, we might end up paying a lot less. Of course, that all depends on the size of the bid pack and how many bids we use to win them. But we might end up paying as little as only one or two cents per bid.

Some years ago when I was going through a string of losses while bidding on bid packs, I remember asking myself, “Why am I wasting the bids that I already have to bid on more bids that I may or may not win?” After all, bids are just bids. We cannot wear bids and we cannot eat bids and even if we win we only end up with more bids.  Therefore, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to only use my bids to shop for products I could actually use?

With that kind of thinking, I stopped bidding on bid packs for a long time. I decided it was a waste of bids to bid on bid packs … but was it? Read below.

I decided to take another look at the benefits of placing bids on bid packs when DealDash made three positive changes:

  • Introduced a greater variety and increased number of bid packs
  • Offered up to 3X and 4X time on the clock and
  • Introduced the “Leaderboard” feature. 

By introducing a greater variety and increased number of bid packs, the opportunity for more shoppers to win bid packs also increased.

When DealDash started offering features like 3X and even 4X on the clock, I no longer felt like my bids were being “wasted.” Even if I did not win the bid pack, the 3X and 4X time on the clock moved my green line three to four times faster to earning more free bids. Therefore, my bids were not totally lost.

When the Leaderboard feature was introduced, it gave me the opportunity to earn free bids simply by being one of the three top shoppers with the most time on the clock by the end of the auction – win or no win. Once I figured out how to use that feature to my advantage, I thought it was awesome.

Winning Bid Packs Again

I had a new-found incentive to try bidding on bid packs again, and I was pleasantly surprised that since DealDash made some changes, I could win bid packs again. In fact, within about the last three weeks (Dec. 26, 2020 to Jan. 16, 2021) I won a total of 16 bid packs. The lowest one was a 100 bid pack and the highest one was a 1,107 United Kingdom World Trivia bid pack. I was really thrilled to win that one!

Common Misconception About Bid Packs

Some shoppers may believe that the smaller the bid pack, the easier it is to win. I know that is what I used to think.

Actually, this is not true. If we look at the data on the various bid packs, we can see that a recent winner of the 2021 bid pack used 23 bids and it sold for only $4.10. On the other hand, a recent winner of the United States World Trivia 50 bid pack used a whopping 174 bids and it sold for $5.16. But these are of course just one time examples.

I learned from experience that the main thing that makes a huge difference in how easy or difficult it is to win a bid pack has a lot more to do with the number of bidders in the auction and whether or not any of the final players in the auction recently won a large bid pack.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.