Awesome Win Limits

When I first started shopping on Feb. 8, 2012, it was still a fairly new company. Some systems that were in place then, are no longer in place now.

One thing that changed most are the win limits that DealDash once had. All customers had weekly and monthly win limits. Back then, I think each customer was allowed to win up to about seven auctions per week — four auctions with a retail value of $199 or less, and three auctions with a retail value of $200 or more. Once we already won our weekly limits, we would get locked out until our win limits were reset again the next week or the next month.

Of course, as the company grew, DealDash kept basic things about the shopping site that still worked well, but made a lot of changes that worked better for both the company and its growing number of customers. When the old win limits were eliminated they were soon replaced with new win limits for which I am very grateful.

Today’s Win Limits

Let’s take a look at the win limits that are now in place.

Monthly winning limit

Whenever we open most of the auctions we can see a list of winners who are not allowed to win that same auction again over the next 30 days. When the 30 days are up, then they can bid on and win that auction again. I love this win limit policy because this also gives other shoppers a better opportunity to win more auctions once the power shoppers have already been locked out.

One-per-user auctions

If we look at the DealDash home page, we will also notice that many auctions have a little yellow No. 1 in the upper right hand corner. This also indicates another win limit that is now in place. If we click on the yellow No. 1, a message pops up saying, “You may only win this product once.”  That win limit mainly shows up on the high-dollar products, on large bid packs and on items like special bid packages that will only be listed for a specified amount of time.

By implementing these win limits even someone on a limited budget has the opportunity to win auctions, instead of just a handful ow power shoppers with a “seemingly” unlimited number of bids. I, for one, appreciate DealDash for “playing” fair. All of these win limit policies are, of course, geared toward maintaining the core values and goals of DealDash when it first started – being one of the most fair and honest shopping sites online.

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