Meet “BidBuddy”

It never ceases to amaze me to see that many shoppers have not yet met BidBuddy and some apparently never do. In fact, it takes some shoppers a long time before they finally discover that BidBuddy is even there … just waiting to give everyone a helping hand.

Friend in Hiding

Did you know that BidBuddy is the best friend DealDash shoppers have ever had?  If you have not met BidBuddy maybe it is because you might say that BidBuddy is in hiding but is still fairly easy to find. Yet it could take new DealDash shoppers hours, days, weeks, months or even longer before they finally meet BidBuddy. 

If you only shop from the Home Page, forget it. That’s not where BidBuddy hangs out. Experienced shoppers always know when you are only shopping from the Home Page. Do you know how we can tell? That’s easy because the rest of us shoppers will cringe when we see you wasting your bids. That’s right. For every one bid we place, new shoppers might be placing five or six bids after every other player. It might appear there are only a few other shopping competing in the auction when, in reality, there are several more. Yikes!

We have all heard the saying, “live and learn.” Well this is probably one of those experiences. Let me explain. First of all, who or what is BidBuddy

BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that all experienced Deal Dashers use. To find BidBuddy, shoppers must double click on the auction we are placing bids in. A new window will pop open and that’s where BidBuddy is in hiding. All experienced shoppers love BidBuddy and it is very difficult to win an auction without using it.

Places Bids for You

Here’s how it works. Once we double click and find BidBuddy we figure out how many total bids we are willing to invest in the auction and then we place them into this automated bidding tool.

BidBuddy will then place our bids for us, one at a time only when they are needed, and continue to do so until all of our bids are depleted. The clock has to go down to only one second or zero on the clock before another bid is placed. When people bid from the Home Page, cut the clock to try to “beat” it, they never allow the clock to get down to the last second and, therefore, they do not even know the rest of us are there.

If five other people placed bids into this automated bidding tool, BidBuddy will take turns placing bids for all five shoppers until all the bids are gone. The shopper who placed the most bids into BidBuddy will then win the auction. Here is an example:

  • Bidder No. 1 places 45 bids
  • Bidder No. 2 places 53 bids
  • Bidder No. 3 places 201  bids
  • Bidder No. 4 places 100 bids and
  • Bidder No. 5 places 75 bids.

Bidder No. 3 would be the winner of the auction because Bidder No. 3 placed the most bids and, therefore, would have placed the last bid when all other shoppers bids are already used. In fact, Bidder No.3 placed more than enough bids to win this auction, so what happens to the extra 100 bids? When the auction sells out and is closed, the extra 100 bids will automatically go back into that shoppers account. Now how great is that?

Why we Love BidBuddy

I have checked out many bidding tools on other similar shopping sites, but BidBuddy is the best one by far. I love BidBuddy because:

  • Shoppers can place as many bids as we want into BidBuddy
  • It is quick and easy to delete or add more bids at any time
  • We can place our bids into BidBuddy ahead of time.

We cannot actively bid in an auction until the clock gets down to the last 10 seconds on the clock before an auction is scheduled to go live. However, we can place bids into BidBuddy several hours or even a few days before it is scheduled to go live. Therefore, if we have to go to work, go shopping or go to sleep, we can place our bids ahead of time and we are not stuck on our computer or mobile device when we have other things to do.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.