It’s Party Time at DealDash!

stainless-steel-15-pc-127It’s so much fun to bid at DealDash, so why not get some chores done while you are bidding.  This time of year we Americans do a lot of celebrating and you could find some wonderful deals on the things you need to pull off the best holiday party going!

bakewareDealDash has a nice selection of Pots, Pans and Bakeware.  These are items that come up for auction occasionally, so you have to do your shopping and planning to get involved with the auction.  First search what you are looking for and then use the convenient “Alert Me” tab to have DealDash alert you when the auction is scheduled.  I find, if I can find an item in a search bar, it isn’t long before it does come on the market.  These everyday items are perfect for Binning.  That is the Buy It Now (BIN) promise from DealDash, if you try to win an item, and you don’t win it, you can BIN it and get the bids you used trying. This way you do end up with your item, plus you get the bids back to try to win another item.

kitchenaidDealDash has fair retail prices comparable to the big box stores, and they ship every item for free whether you win it or BIN it…free shipping every time. They also rotate the stock, what you may see today won’t necessarily be available next week.  Items can “run a course” and not return.  Meaning, if they carry the pictured set of pots and pans this month, it may be a different manufacturer next month.

They have a few items that are really popular and they always have them, like the coveted stand mixer in every color under the rainbow. Not only are they wonderful to have, they make a fantastic gift.  I try to win one for all the nieces when they marry.  Needless to say, I’m a pretty popular Auntie. The stand mixer is a tough win, you can win it for less than $10, I see it all the time, but more likely, you will close above $100, that’s 10,000 bids between you and a dozen or so players, so be prepared!

I have experience winning the bakeware too, they can go for few bids, I love to get involved and if I don’t win an item under $150 with a couple dozen bids, I back out and opt to either BIN or forfeit the bids.  It’s ok, there is always the next one.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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