This Weekend’s Sale at DealDash

We are all sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to see what kind of sale DealDash is going to have this weekend.  I for one would love to see a Super Weekend 3X Bid Multiplier Sale, oh wait, that’s what’s going on!

We all love to get free bids from Deal Dash for our time as high bidder, it’s Deal Dashes way of rewarding us for being “good sports” if you decide to stomp on others’ bids then you will be wiping out their free bids, it’s a system of respecting your fellow player.

You can decide to stomp or you can collect your free bids too.  If you stomp, you will be stomped and some players don’t care if they waste time on the clock, just to teach a Newbie a lesson.  Deal Dash is  a community, we are some kind of “friends” if we all play fair, we all win.  Just bid and let bid, but please don’t stomp!

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This weekend will be a perfect time to stock up on free bids and buy low priced bids.  On Friday 4/15 bids are only .12 cents and then they are only .13 cents all weekend, but you get the 3X Multiplier too.

When there is a multiplier you can figure that into your final price, let’s say you are about to win 350 bids and if you stay in this auction, you will get to the next lever.  So if you stay in the auction and cash in on the bids, you can then place them on the prize and win!

Keeping in mind, just because you have the bids doesn’t mean you will win.  You have to pay attention to the auction.  Just don’t play with stompers, they will literally eat your free bids, and it just isn’t worth it.

When Deal Dash is offering free bids why would you want to do anything to stop that from happening?  You wouldn’t, so get out early.  You can keep an eye on that auction to get back in though, one thing I know about stompers is they have no staying power, they run out of bids quickly and leave the auction.

So let’s recap-

Friday .12 bids, 50% off all auction wins

Sat .13 bids and 3X Multiplier for your free bids

Sun., Same as Saturday!!

This is a perfect time to not only stock up on low priced bids at Deal Dash, but earn 3 times the free bids for your time as high bidder.  So don’t stomp, and don’t stick with a stomper.  If you do stomp back, keep it simple, a few bids, but no more.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!