You’re In It To Win It at DealDash

Well aren’t we all “in it to win it?”.  You would think we were, but t’s not as true as you might think.  There are a lot of players who will play only to win. They are often called “bid horders” they are players who only play to win and they exchange the win for bids, an option that is available to us as players at DealDash.  I love this option and use it often myself, but I have recently realized you can win so much more if you simple focus on the one item you really want.

There is a good handful of players who actually have a quote “in it to win it” and I don’t usually hold much weight in that comment.  I’m in it to win it, but I’m also in it to exchange for bids, and I’m in it to just beat the heck out of you!

There are any number of players who do this, you need to keep a list of the players who will.  Here’s what I do when I plan on winning.  First, I load up on bids, and second, I really plan to BIN  (buy the item for retail)  If I don’t win an item I really want I will buy it. For that reason, you should only bid on items you would actually buy.

I always use my free bids for Time As High Bidder, to add to a prize I really want, I don’t care if I overbid.  Many players will over bid, they have a lot of money, and then there are players like me who have been playing at DealDash for over two years and every time I reach a new level I earn well over 1000 bids, I will use those bids to overbid on an item.  I think you should too.

If you are in it to win it, go ahead and win it!  There are ways you can and you must just stay true to that one item, I can say it again, but I hope you heard me the first time!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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