Winning Features At DealDash

It’s always fun to play at DealDash, but lately, it’s been even easier to win with all the new features DealDash has in place.  My favorite new feature is the “Alert Me” Button.  Any time you shop is time you’ve spent, but with the “Alert Me” button, you only have to shop once.  If the item you are interested in is not on the market but you found it in your search, you can select the option to have DealDash send you an email when it comes up for sale. Easy Peasy!

However, my new favorite feature changes on a daily basis, another great new feature is the “1” in the upper left hand corner of an item on the Auction page, this alerts the player this item can only be won once.  This is a great feature because once someone has won this item, they are out of your way!  DealDash will list the winners and what they paid for an item right on the open auction page, so that is also a great tool when deciding if you want to join an auction.

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At DealDash you can win 9 items every week.  It used to be that you could only win three items over $200 a week, but now all nine of your prizes each week can be over 200! That’s huge! Just keep in mind the prizes over $200 usually have a lot more bidders and take longer to close, be prepared to hang in there.

Another new feature is the increased variety of high end furniture DealDash has added to the site.  Recently I spotted a $14,450.00 Massage Chair! I’ve never see any item that amazing before, and although that is unusual, you can always find something for your home that has hight ticket prices.  More items means more winners and you can find so many great items.

The “Who’s At Their Limit” tab has saved me so many bids!  If I really want to go for something and my nemesis is in the auction, someone I know will overbid or join the auction late costing me bids.  With the limit tab I can see if my oppononent is already out of the game.  It’s so convenient.

Don’t underestimate the power of free bids!  Everyone likes free bids and at DealDash they give you free bids every time you place a bid.  The more bids you place the more free bids you get.

Lastly, everyone has a camera, so take a picture! Post a photo to the DealDash Facebook page, and your pic could be selected to win 1000 free bids!  Every Monday at DealDash they give one lucky player 1000 bids for posting their wins, so take a photo.  Don’t forget to “Like” the fb page so you get notifications when someone wins. DealDash has the best features for playing and shopping, they have a genuine and constant interest in improving their site and making your playing experience more enjoyable.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.