DealDash Tips: Winning Features

One of the best things about DealDash is that they are always trying to help the player have a successful and pleasant experience.  I am always very impressed with the newest features at DealDash and how it always helps us win.

The newest feature is the addition of new items that a player may only win once.  Many items at DealDash may only be won once because they want the field to be fair for everyone.  If you play DealDash often you will win them all quickly and you’ll have nothing left to bid on because you can only win this item once.  But, what DealDash does is constantly add new items that you can win once and that means more wins for everyone.  If you have won an item once, you are then excluded from future auctions of the same item, but all the players who still can win in will be in the pool with less players.

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The newer items are open to the same players, but will need some time to catch on.  I have found new items go for just a few pennies because it’s so new no one has even seen it yet!  Once you discover a new item which can only be won once, it’s time to go for it!  There have been a lot of home furnishings and decorations which have been added recently.

Another great new feature at DealDash is the “Bookmark” The Bookmark helps you shop ahead of time and keep all your desired items in a neat little package that can then be found in your Dashboard, and they are top posted on your main auction page. The Bookmark can be turned on or off by clicking on the little star in in upper right hand corner of the main page.

Perhaps the best feature is the Who’s at Their Limit Tab, this enables a list of players who are out of wins.  It costs one bid, but it’s worth it! This list will be helpful when you are more familiar with the site.  Once you know some of the other player’s habits, you will know if you want them out of the playing field.  This list is helpful to the Newbie because it gives you a list of players who meet their limit often.

One of my very favorite things about DealDash is they don’t advertise on their site for anything.  It’s all about the game and having an outstanding shopping experience.  They  really do have the players’ needs in their radar, and they do a lot to help us win. I am never surprised that they take play seriously, mixing the game up for us constantly, and I am always delighted with the new additions.

DealDash keeps the playing field interesting and fun, they change and rotate prizes and they do their best to keep the game fresh.  That’s DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding.