If You Have Pets, You Need DealDash!

Every day our pets are there for us, now we can be there for them with the help of DealDash.  There you will find so many pet items, I love it!  My favorite item at DealDash for my pet is the Gibi Pet GPS valued at $123, but the average selling price is $20.12 it’s for a dog or cat (or any animal) GPS device that you attach to their collar and use an app to find them.  This would have been a particularly fantastic item if I only had it two years ago.  On that night, it was Christmas Eve, my family decided to shoot off some firecrackers before they told anyone.  

Before I knew it, my darling Stella the Sheltie, was gone! She ran off scared by the explosions.  If only I had a GIBI on her she would not have spent the night wandering around the neighborhood before she was found… the day after Christmas!  

It was the worst Christmas of my life knowing my little Stellie was lost in the neighborhood somewhere.  There was so much snow and it broke my heart knowing she was sleeping in a snow pile somewhere.   We did find her, and now she owns a Gibi.  I was never so happy to see any creature in my whole life!  

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DealDash carries a variety of pet beds for your dog and your cat.  You can’t go wrong trying to win any of these items at DealDash, you can try to win it, but because you need it, if you don’t win it with the retail value of bids, then buy it! If you buy it and you’ve bid on it, you will get all your bids back.  Just remember to use the exchange bids rewards that best suits your needs, for example the most bids.  By this I mean, if you have tried to win an item a few times and then decided to purchase it, use the auction with the most bids used for your exchange, it’s the only way to capitalize on your used bids.

There are crates, play towers and pee pee pads to help you train your pet. If you have a cat, you know how much they love to climb.  I have one of these cat habitats and my kitties love it!

You should bathe your pet often depending on the breed, I have a couple of Chihuahuas, so weekly, and life is so much easier if you have a bathing tub for your dog or cat.  DealDash carries this very useful Pet Bathing Utility. 

You can find vacuums and accessories, pet beds, toys, feeding apparatus and just about.This unit is perfect for: French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Scottish Terrier, Jack Russell, Papillon, Welsh Corgi, Miniature Schnauzer, Beagle, Cavalier King, Pug,  American Eskimo Dog and Sheltie. It comes with 2 year warranty. Made in the USA. Tub dimensions 16-3/4 inch (wide) x 33 inch (long) x 10 inch (deep). Leg foot print – 27 inch (wide) x 42 inch (long). 23 inch off floor, 25 inch at ‘U’ entrance, 32 inch to rim of tub, when assembled.

Every day of every week, and every hour you can shop at DealDash for any pet item you need.  Here’s the fun part, you are at DealDash, you might win it for a few pennies, you had a lot of fun trying to acquire it and if you won it you are psyched! If you didn’t win it you bought it and got all your bids back for the other item you needed.

DealDash never lets you down when it comes to your pets!  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!! 

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.