Who's at Their Limit? A useful DealDash Tool!

There is a very useful tool on the DealDash site called “Who’s On Their Limit”. It’s a behind the scene look at what DealDashers (players) are out of the playing field because they reached their limit. On your DealDash Dashboard on the left side of the page is a row of options and the one right above your profile is “Who’s On Their Limit?” Click on this tab and pay one bid for the privilege, and the secret is yours!
So let’s say you are going after a high traffic item, you always seem to do battle with “soAndso” and you’ve made a decision to win this item without them.  Check the limit tab, see if he’s out, if they are, be sure to get your bid in before $5.00. Alternately, he may be near his limit so why not get involved and see if they reach limit.  Some people just don’t do the math, but if you only have one item left to win, don’t get in two auctions because you other item will fall off once you reach your limit.  It would ultimately be like double bidding, or over bidding.
I can not stress enough how important it is to know the other bidders.  When you are a newbie at DealDash it is very tempting to just jump in and start bidding frantically, after all you are going to win, and that’s a blast!  But, the most beneficial thing you can do is spend some time, and I mean quite a bit of time, getting to know the tendencies of other winners.
Also, watch the winners list, this is a sure way to see who is winning.  You can often see a pattern in the names.  A lot of people bid every day, and they win a lot.  They are the ones to watch. They will be on the limit list in no time and your field is clear.   Yet there will always be a soAndso to get to know, just keep watching.
The best way to see who is who in an auction is to watch it.  For example, choose an item you wish to win.  Keep in mind the higher the value, the more players there will be.  Watch this item through a few auctions.  Yes, it means being patient, it will take days, but you want to win.  The best thing about bidding is winning, so take the time to think like a true winner.
The next most valuable advice I can offer is to find an item you want to win, if the price gets near retail,  watch it.  This will allow you to see who is possibly overbidding, who is likely to always overbid, stay away from them in the end.  For example, let’s say the average selling price is $200, now this auction is at $250, most likely, the people left in that auction are constant over bidders, some people just do it.  It’s not a good strategy, but some bidders don’t care.
At the end of the day you want to use the tools that DealDash has available, it will help you be a better more efficient winner to know who’s at their limit.
Good Luck & Happy Bidding!!