DealDash Tips: Ho-Ho-Holiday Suprise!

Ho-Ho-Holiday Suprise

DealDash is a great place to go for your holiday decorating needs. It warms my heart to know it’s time to decorate for the holidays and prepare for family and friends to visit.

I for one, am a big fan of the early Christmas promotions, I like to start Christmas shopping in July at DealDash, so I am almost done now! How about you? Well if you are just starting, if you are half done or only need one more item Deal Dash has a surprise for you! For the next week go to the DealDash site and you can earn 3x the bids and then, for the next few days you can win all auctions for Free!  Boom!! There’s your whole week!
You can really get a lot of shopping done when you only have to pay for bids and all items are essentially free. You do pay a one penny transaction fee, it’s the least we can do. teehee. Last Christmas, Deal Dash was very generous with the sales and prices of bids, and I expect to see more of the same this year.  I am already aware of 3x free bids and free auction wins.
With Black Friday right around the corner, I will check back to the DD Facebook page to get caught up on the latest wins and the newest upcoming sales.  One thing I don’t like about Black Friday is the malls, the stores and the traffic, so I will stay at home and be present at DealDash.
So when you are getting out your holiday decorations and it’s time for a new wreath, log into your Facebook, read the DealDash blogs and save money during the DealDash Free Wins Sale Monday thru Friday 11/16-20/15.

Good Luck & Happy Bidding!!!