Furniture For Every Room at DealDash!

When you think of shopping at DealDash, you may think about small appliances, toys and kitchen items, but did you know you can fill you home with furniture from DealDash?  Every day at DealDash 100’s of new items come on the market for auction.  Everyone has their favorite category and mine is the new variety of furniture that you can find.

I recently won a sturdy well made stool for $1.20 and about 50 bids.  This was a $970 handmade stool which is now proudly displayed in my husbands art studio.  There is a great variety of artsy furniture on the market all day and night at DealDash.  When I win an item as special as this for my home, I often try to win another one for other people in my life.  It is remarkable how shopping at DealDash can help you make a choice for a gift.  You are involved in two auctions for a gift for that special someone, when suddenly you win one and now you know exactly what to give them. And now you are sure you know someone else who would love it too, and before you know it, you have two of them and you’re shopping is done.

It’s a great time to cash in on big ticket items right now at Deal Dash through the 15th of November you can earn 3 times the free bids by placing bids!  For every bid you place you earn credit towards free bids three times faster!  With the higher the retail price the longer you are going to be bidding, therefore more free bids! I love the sales at Deal Dash, but the “three times faster free bids” is huge!
When bidding on furniture, keep in mind that they are popular items and require patience and bids.  You can buy a bunch of bids to get started and then parlay that into a bid pack or two, keep it small though the higher bid packs have many people trying to win bids with a few bids.  Remember your goal is to win a bed frame or a night stand, so in my opinion, go lightly on the bid packs.

You’ll want to stay focused on that special piece.  I will also offer this tip; ‘ve noticed that auctions for new and never seen before items tend to go for less bids than items everyone have been pining over for weeks so shop often and shop early to be the one to get the new prize!
So go grab 3X bids now through Sunday Nov.15 and use those free bids to get great deals at DealDash everyday!