What’s In A Sale at DealDash?

Hundreds of players bid at DealDash everyday, and as a reward and to keep it interesting DealDash offers a few different sales that I’ve come to love and appreciate.  They range in style and the rewards are different, it keeps the playing field interesting and ever evolving, and they help you win when you like to win.  Some sales just don’t thrill everyone, but most sales thrill everyone.  Check it out…

A very popular sale at DealDash is the “Free Wins” Sale.  This sale is wild!  There are usually a lot of players on a Free Win day and they can get out of hand when bidding.  You have to keep your eye on the prize during this type of sale because the final price may go over the retail, after all, you’ll only pay one penny no matter how high the price goes.  But for the most part, the auction ends within the retail, but usually on the high side.  This is a great sale to bid on an item that would otherwise go closer to retail because no matter how many bids you use, you pay only one penny for a transaction fee instead of the final price even if it’s thousands of dollars!  Though your item is free, DealDash still  pays shipping too!

The Free Sale has a little brother the “50% Off Wins” Sale, this is exactly like the free wins except you pay half the final cost of the item, I like this sale because once the item reaches the $5 no new bidder mark, it is very similar to a full price item, except if half off.  That’s half off the final price not the retail price so you could still be saving 75% or more with this sale.

Sometimes they throw in a $3 “No New Bidder” Sale.  Usually, it’s $5 where any player is cut off from joining an auction.  As long as you bid before the item reaches $5 you may enter the auction.  During the 3$ no new bidder sale it’s $3 and there are usually many less bidders.  There can be a combination sale, for example 50% off and $3, there will be more players in that.  You will get to know the crowd the longer you bid and the ride is half the fun!

My personal favorite sale is the Bid Multiplier for your “Time As High Bidder” (TAHB).  DealDash rewards all players with free bids for every second you are the highest bidder, that tallies up until you reach the next level, when you do you are given your free bids and this goes on and on and on!  Every time you bid you earn more and more.  It’s never boring to see them drop 1100 bids in your account, that was my last reward.  They take the TAHB multiplier and often give double the time, and you can also find a triple multiplier and a 4X multiplier.  I have even seen a 5X multiplier for free bids and they rack up pretty quick.

There is also a range in bid prices. You may pay .60 the first time you buy bids at DealDash, but once you are a member of the site, you will be able to purchase the bids for the sale price which varies from day to day in a range of .12 cents to .16 cents. DealDash will often combine the lowest prices with the best sales from above during holidays, so always check the DealDash Facebook page to find out when and how much! We all know where! DealDash.Com

Which ever event you love, you’ll always find one interesting sale going on at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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