DealDash: Stats and Your Dashboard

The more I use DealDash the more the information on the site becomes innate.  But in the beginning there was so much to learn, I didn’t know where to look and all the options were, at times, overwhelming.   Although I was having fun, I didn’t realize I could have been winning more auctions, with fewer bids, sooner, if I just used a couple of the tools I have right on my Dashboard.

The Dashboard is found on the main page of the website right on top (or on the top of your App) Click it to be brought into the Dashboard where there is a bevy of information.  For me the first is the Bidding History,  here you will find how many bids you used on a certain item and how many times you bid on an item.  If you are going to bid on that item again, the number you used may be the number you need to exceed this time, maybe not, but the odds are you will need to exceed it.  What not to exceed is the retail price in bids, if you find you are approaching the value of the item with the cost of bids, back out of the auction and buy the item, DealDash will give you your bids back.

Your Transaction History is very important, this is where you keep track of how much money you are spending, this is important so you stay in line with what it is you need.  Try not to bid on items you don’t want, especially in the beginning.  The longer I bid, the less I bid on items I don’t want….do I ever? sure, it’s fun to beat you folks, but I won’t overbid to do it.  It’s not practical.  You will also be able to see all the free bids DealDash has given you for your Time As High Bidder, for your photo submission and the new Daily Free Bids, given for consecutive days bidding.

Your Public Profile can help you win if you have just the right comment to go with your bidding style, I would love to say something like “I’ll never leave” but the truth is, I will, and no one would take me seriously.  I have had some success with quotes about strength or perseverance. I like to switch it up and appreciate when other do as we have to read each others comments a lot.

Your DealDash Buy It Now list is the first thing you will see and this is a list that evolves daily.  Every item you bid on has a 7 day period where you can purchase the item and get all your bids back, so the Buy It Now list give you insight to the potential free bids you would receive if you bought the item.

Any and all of this information can be helpful and you should check these lists and features often.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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