DealDash: Valentine Sale Extravaganza!

There is nothing more fun than to tell you about the amazing sale going on this weekend at DealDash!  In fact, this is my favorite kind of sale….one where you get lot’s of free bids!

Tonight Feb. 12, 2016 you can enjoy .12 bids, this is a perfect time to stock up on bids because this is the best price we see at DealDash, (I think I’ve seen .11 cent bids during big events)  But for the most part you will pay anywhere between .12 and .15 cents per bid to play at Deal Dash, that is by far the best deal I’ve seen from other site.  Not only will you get the bids low priced, you will get FREE BIDS 3X Faster!  That’s my favorite part.

For every bid you place at DealDash you are rewarded for the time you spend as high bidder.  This occurs every time you place a bid, and as long a no one stomps you, you gain free bids three times faster than usual.  Yes, DealDash gives free bids to every player every time you play, no exceptions…every day!

The extravaganza continues and gets better Saturday and Sunday the 13th and 14, 2016. You will earn 5X the free bids for every bid you place, so you buy your bids at .12 and get 5X multiplier, all this equals more opportunity for you to find a great deal!

When the multiplier is in place it’s important to keep your eye on the auction to make sure there are no “stompers”. Stompers are players who jump on your bid before your clock runs down, it’s usually done by Newbies who soon learn it’s very wasteful to slam bids down, you rarely win that way and it’s just a waste of money.  The good news is stompers lack patience, so they don’t stick around very long, (usually) however, some old timers are stompers and they stick around, so if you are playing with someone who has been on DealDash for 4 years and they are stomping, they have come ready to do battle at all costs.  My point is, if there is a stomper and a 5X multiplier, it’s a better use of your bids to wait for the next auction or step out while the stomper is in the auction.  The other good thing about stompers is they run out of bids quickly.

And if that’s not enough great deals, guess what else?! FREE WINS! Every item that sells on Saturday and Sunday will have a final price of one penny!  It doesn’t matter where the auction ends,  2 dollars or 50 dollars, all you pay is one penny and that is a free my friends!

So, this weekend at DealDash is my favorite sale, on Friday Feb 12th a 3X multiplier and .12 cent bids, on Saturday the 13th  and Sunday Valentine’s Day there are .12 and .13 cent bids, 5X Multiplier and Free Wins! So load up on sale bids and win some great free prizes!  DealDash is the best auction site and now the only one I use.  I’ve tried them all, and always come back to the most fun, fair and honest site on the internet and that is DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!