DealDash Tips: A Look At This Weeks Sales!

A Look At This Weeks Sales!     
So Christmas is over, the family has gone home, now what to do?…DealDash!  Here are some great reasons why.  Starting today and all this week at DealDash they will be offering great specials on overstocked items during their Christmas Clearance Sale.  You will be able to enjoy three times the free bids with the free bid multiplier of 3X.  The multiplier is applied to the free bid meter which tallies your time as high bidder, the timer keeps track and when you reach the next level you are rewarded with free bids in increasing denominations! But, hurry over to DealDash because the multiplier sale ends on the 30th of December
There will be 75 auctions starting at the same time on Sunday the 27th, 2015.  You could be one of the lucky winners who claims a prize for only a few cents.  This sale is set to start on Sunday at 3PM and will also have the three time multiplier to earn free bids, and on the 28th they are adding a 50% final sales price meaning the final price of auctions is 50% off the ending price.  You can save a bundle of money with the 50% final price sale. This sale will continue through the 29th when 50 auctions will start at 3PM.  On December 30th there will be 100 auctions starting at 3 PM another chance to get a prize for pennies. 
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On December 31 there will be a New Year’s Eve sale that we can enjoy, and it’s a  players favorite! The “No New Bidders After $2.00” sale, on any average day, DealDash stops any new bidders from joining the auction at $5.00, but on NYE it cut off is $2.00 while DealDash has End Of Year Clearance! That means a lot less players in the auction.  Bids will also be on sale at .12 cents! This combination of sales are a gift to us as the two dollar cut off is a rare and exciting sale.
When you want to find out about Deals at DealDash head over to their Facebook page, “like” it and “follow”, you will get notifications about upcoming events and see who’s winning what, these are post by everyday player like us sharing.  You can also tune into my blog and I will sum it up for you! Easy Peasy!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!