High Dollar Gift Card Deals

DealDash isn’t like alot of the other penny auction sites who offer $10-25 gift cards. There are a number of gift cards that DealDash offers valued at over $200!
$200 Autozone gift card
Everyone who drives a car could really benefit from this $200 Autozone gift card on DealDash! Great for parts, routine tuneups or just accessories to add to the comfort and style of your ride. A $200 Autozone gift card can be bid on at DealDash plus bought with buy it now and get receive all placed bids back!
Go on a trip. Near or far American Airlines will take you there. Plus a deal on a $250 gift card for American Airlines couldn’t hurt. DealDash offers a $250 gift card auction.
$1,000 Amazon.com gift card auction! DealDash has auctions for $10, $25-$50, $100 and even $100 Amazon.com gift cards! One ended for under $7 as the final bid price. Whoa. With $1k in Amazon.com credits you could purchase food, furniture, clothing, fragrance, office supplies, eletronics and more.
$100 gas gift cards. DealDash also has $100 gas gift cards for Chevron, Shell, BP, Exxon Mobile, Mobil, and more.
A $200 Dillard’s department store gift card can help you score deals on new designer duds and more.
$100 or $500  Home Depot card can help you save money on candy orhome improvement tools!
Gift cards for Omaha Steaks for $100 will get you or a loved one great cuts of meat delivered. If eating out is better and easier than eating in be sure to check out the gift cards for $100 to TGIFriday’s, Outback Steakhouse or Applebee’s!
There’s also $100 cards for discounts on already discounted designer clothing and accessories at Tj Maxx and Kohl’s!
$500-1000 Wal-mart gift cards have sold for as low as under $13. ┬áThe average price of the last 5 auctions for a $500 card to Walmart is $79.29! Plus remember, you can use Wal-mart cards at Sam’s Club to save even more on necessities and groceries.
$100 to K-Mart, Sears, or Target too!
Pop the question for less with a $100 gift card to Zales the Diamond Store. Again, buy all gift cards with buy it now to get your bids back and still get merchandise that you want!
Again, why bid on gift cards on DealDash? Because you aren’t out if you don’t win! You can use buy it now, get a gift card and use it to buy things you were going to buy and get your bids back!
What retailers would you like to see gift cards to on DealDash? Post about them in the comments section!