DealDash Metal Detectors Compared

DealDash has a really nice variety of Metal Detectors for the explorer in your life, or for yourself!  It’s a popular category, and I’m going to compare them for you so you start out going for the one that meets your budget and suits your needs.

The metal detector is a must-have for anyone who enjoys long walks on the beach or if you like to look for gold along America’s riverbeds.  I got one for my husband and we even take it hiking with us, here in New England we’re always trying to find some war relics.  But there are many types of metal object that you could find,  we’ve found some very interesting items, horse shoes, ax heads, jewelry, tools, hand forged nails and even a bucket…plus so much more. The metal detector at DealDash is a very popular item and it will help to watch a few auctions to see who’s in them, and what price the different varieties are going for.

gold digger 92Starting with the Bounty Hunter Brand the reliable and affordable place to start your hobby.  Your basic metal detector is the Gold Digger retailed at $92.  This model comes with a Pin Pointer Bundle and head phones.  It features a single knob control and is small and light weight and has a 6 inch coil for detecting.

tracker IV 117The next tier up in terms of options and price is the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV which retails for $117.  This unit has a lot to offer for the price.  It has a 6 inch waterproof search coil, 2 operating controls.  There is a 3 Mode dual tone Discrimination switch. The Ground Trac Technology balances soil conditions.  The S-Rod handle is easy to  carry.

quick draw II 206The Quick Draw II made by Bounty Hunter also comes with the Pin Pointer plus a padded carrying case.  It features an 8 inch waterproof search coil.  This unit has the Automatic Ground Tracker which allows you to search in different soil conditions.  It runs on on 9-volt battery.

landstar 284For the experienced enthusiast you will find the Bounty Hunter Land Star which retails for $284.  The Land Star has a 10 inch coin depth, 3-tone audio feedback.  The ground track tells you how deep to dig.  Metal detecting system offering tremendous versatility with two distinct systems integrated into one: No-Motion mode and an Auto Notch Discrimination. Choose between automatic Ground-Trac or variable ground balancing. Requires 2 9-volt batteries.

treasure cove 254The Treasure Cove Underwater Scuba and Wading unit is good for snorkeling and underwater searching. It includes a head set and and 8 inch under sediment search.  It has a 10 inch search coil plus an adjustable 42-54 inch stem.  There is an audio alarm and red LED alert.  The Underwater Scuba requires 8 AA batteries.

fisher f5 642This last unit I am comparing is made by Fisher and is called the Fisher F5 it retails for $642.00 and is a very popular item.  This detector has a 0-99 Readout, Frequency Shift for different metals, Visual Target ID, Target ID Confidence Bar Graph, Target ID Confidence Bar Graph, Continuous Ground Mineralization Phase Readout, Concentric 10 inch Open Face Waterproof Interchangeable Search Coil.   It has a 4 tone audio ID and weighs only 2.9 lbs.

Which ever metal detector you choose be sure you’ll be happy with the quality.  DealDash also carries a small detector for juniors and a couple other Bounty Hunter Models that are very similar to the ones listed here.  The basic differences being a carrying case, a pin pointer, different audio tones, different depths of detection, the type of batteries, and different size search coils.  They all do one thing, detect metal!

Have fun winning a great metal detector from DealDash, they have variety and availability, plus opportunity to save hundreds of dollars!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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