Ukuleles and Guitars at DealDash

DealDash has a really nice selection of Guitars for the beginner. If you want to learn the guitar or ukulele or you might know someone who does, you can win one at DealDash for just a few bids.  I did and it was a great gift item.  These are considered “special” items and are usually offered “occasionally”.  If you see one posted for sale, be sure to Bookmark it so you don’t miss the auction.

Euk 49The Kona Ukulele retails for $49 and is a fairly easy win at DealDash, I used less than 50 bids to win it and paid about $1. The other guitars they carry at DealDash are designed for beginners.

silvertone essential guitar 100The Silvertone Essential Acoustic Guitar Pack retails for $100 and is a fairly easy win, what I’ve see is all the seasoned pros have won this item or bypassed it, so if you want one I would suggest you rack up the BIN amount of bids and go ahead and win it! If you want to figure out the cost of a BIN this guitar retails for $100 so you would divide the cost of the item by the price of bids and you are left with the number of bids to use for BIN.  $100./.15=667 bids. That is the number of bids you would set into your Bid Buddy, the Bid Buddy will bid for you in your place, it ensures you don’t overbid.

silvertone SD3000 black 89The Silvertone SD3000 Acoustic Guitar Pack in Black is only $89, so the BIN bids would equal 89./.15=593.  This is also a BIN item, you can easily win this, but if you don’t you can buy it after 593 bids, then DealDash will give you all your bids back you used in the auction.

dummies guitar 114The Acoustic for Dummies is also a choice for the real and true beginner.  This guitar is only $114 and it comes with a book to explain all the ins and outs of beginning guitar.

The guitars listed here are easy to win, but you do have to watch the auction, if there are some known overbidders, keep an eye on them.  Don’t get into a bidding war over a guitar, you can win this item with just a few bids, if there is someone who really wants it they may be willing to overbid, don’t let this happen to you.  Just walk away, If your reach the BIN number of bid just buy it and get your bids back.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!