Tweens Gift-Rescue Delivered By Christmas at DealDash!

If you have a 9, 10, 11 or 12 year old on your list, you have a “Tween”; They are too old for kiddie toys, and not quite ready for the teen stuff.  They are the age in- between. Tweens are a difficult age group to buy for.  DealDash always offers free shipping, and that alone can save you hundreds with your on-line shopping.   
I spent some time checking to see if DealDash has what it takes to fulfill the wants and needs on a Tweens list.  In fact, they have added a nice variety of items the Tweens on your list will love.  I was pleased to find these great gifts that have a guaranteed delivery by Christmas.   dd guitar tweens
The Silverstone Electic Guitar is atop every rising rock stars list. It has everything a young musician would need to get started including the guitar with a case, an amplifier, strap, instructions and some accessories.  It’s never too early to get them started on music.  My children started at the age of five playing piano, and I have never  regretted it.  Today both of my adult children play several instruments, and one sings too! They came to me with the wish to play piano, seeing an ad for piano lessons…how could I deny that, reading and wanting to play an instrument?  Today, anything that might get them away from the computer for some time is a great thing.
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When bidding on an item such as the guitar, one way to conserve bids is to stay focused on the one item.  First, purchase enough bids to pay full retail for the item, for this guitar that would be around 1000.  Plan on using all of those bids, but the good news is the average final price of the guitar is around $20.00!  Chances are very good with patience and perseverance you can win this item and if you don’t… purchase it and get your bids back to try for the next item.  Another great tip; Don’t bid on anything but the guitar! My motto, Set it and forget it!
     During the holidays it’s always a great idea to have a Chess board aroudd checkers tweennd because there is something magical about watching a grandparent teach a young person how to play.  This set has a Classic Collection of games including Chess, Checkers and Dominoes.  This item will be best won with about 650 bids,   that is the cut off before you own it without winning, but the good news, again, at DealDash this item has an average final price around $14.00, so most people who have won this have saved around 85%.  Stay focused on only the games and bid on nothing else until you win or BIN (Buy It Now, paying retail for an item).  Please use your Bid Buddy, or you are going to be disappointed with yourself if you just slam your bids away and don’t win, at least if you used your Bid Buddy, you have gained the free bids for bidding.  When you stomp on other players you get a bad reputation, and you might not think that matters, but it does and over the long haul, it’s best to have let someone win than throwing away your bid budget.  
You will never go wrong getting a Tween their own iPad.  Children today are younger and younger when they get their first technology,  I saw a 10 month old baby at the grocery store the other day playing with an iPhone, the manual dexterity of little ones today just astounds me.  The average selling price of this item fluctuates because it’s very popular and there are a lot of factors in knowing how many bids to place or how long to stay in an auction. These things you’ll learn over time, who’s in the auction, how many people are actively bidding, etc. 
 Having your Tween on their own iPad saves them using yours because they’ll want to use it just when you need to get a recipe or do some chatting with a friend!  
dd ipad tween
Lastly, this week at DealDash for every bid you place they will give you free bids with a multiplier.  Check out DealDash everyday this week to get your free bids while you do your holiday shopping.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!