Be Kind at DealDash, it Helps You win!

Have you ever heard you get more bees with honey?  Well, it’s true, kind people tend to get more from others because they are kind to them.  Since we all love to play DealDash and we all love to win because it’s fun and exciting, why don’t we share the joy with our fellow Dasher. Yes,  sometimes we wish our competitor would just go away, but if they all left, it would just be shopping. The battle is half the fun, and as you’ll see, it’s all the fun for some who don’t care if they get the prize, they just want to win.

So this is what I suggest, be kind to your fellow player.  Don’t jump into an auction after someone has placed thousands of bids, it’s not nice.  I like to play fair and if I see that kind of effort, I will back down.  I most likely won’t be spending my life savings, as they are, so I’m good!  There is an exception to that rule, if you have jumped me in the past you will be jumped by me.  I keep a notebook and I hope you do too.  It’s one thing to come in late, but to do it after someone has invested so much is just wrong.  I know some don’t agree with me, and that’s ok, you play your way and I’ll play mine.

For the love of bidding use your Bid Buddy! The smartest thing you can do for your fellow Dasher is use your Bid Buddy.  First, it’s the best way to conserve bids and stay in the game without making your competitors angry.  You might think it’s okay to stomp every other bid, but it will just come back to haunt you. Some players will stomp right back and then there is a price raising frenzy in play, it’s just a sad waste of bids, and the greatest part is the guy who was using the Bid Buddy will win because he didn’t miss or skip a beat.  I will actually leave an auction or not jump if I see someone who, for what ever reason, backed down from me at some point.  There are some really mean (late, late jumpers) players out there who just don’t agree, I know.  But you don’t win them all either and you spent way more.

Some items require a great amount of time and effort, it takes patience and thought.  Why be that guy who bangs in a bid after every player? You are canceling yourself out and wasting your money and worst, you are not letting the fellow DealDasher get his free bids on the bid meter, it’s one thing to stomp but take the free bids too?  That’s low down.

Overall, we should strive to be fair to our competitors, sure you want to win, but do you really need to beat them up?  We’re all in this together!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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