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If you’re a regular bidder on DealDash, then it’s a good idea to switch up your strategy sometimes. Here are some tips to try.

Bidding on DealDash is definitely fun, and you can win some amazing prizes. Sometimes you might get stuck in a rut, though, and that’s when it’s time to bring out a few new strategies. Do you have any favorite tips that you like to keep in mind when you’re bidding? Here are some tips to try on DealDash.

Bid Against Different Competitors

Do you find yourself bidding against the same names over and over again? This could be because you like to stick to one particular item or particular bidding category. If you want to find some new names to bid against, why not venture outside of your comfort zone? Find some new and different names to bid against. Take a look at the different bidder’s names by hovering your mouse over their avatars. You can see their bidding names as well as when they entered the auction.

Bid on Bid Packs

There are bidders on DealDash that exclusively bid on bid packs, and there are also people who never bid on bid packs. I have to admit, when I first started on DealDash I thought that it would be easy to win bid packs, but it takes a bit of skill and finesse to win them. However, when you are able to win a bid pack by just using a few bids it’s an amazing feeling. Bidding on bid packs is good practice for other auctions. There are so many bid pack auctions available each day that there is less competition on them than some of the other items.

Choose a Different Time to Bid

If you’re someone who has a regular schedule (like most of us do!) then you probably have a time that you typically bid on DealDash, whether it’s after dinner, before bed, or even in the middle of the night. The time that you normally bid doesn’t really matter so much because the “popular times” to bid can change daily. However, by bidding at a different time than you normally do you can switch up your strategy just a little. Also, if you choose a different time than you normally bid, then you will probably accomplish tip one, which is to bid against different bidders. When yo put all of these little tips together then it serves as a larger change that can help you win more auctions.

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