Tips from DealDash for Great Pics

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Taking great pictures is an important skill to have, especially if you want to win 1,000 bids from DealDash in the weekly contest.

Have you been entering the DealDash photo contest to win 1,000 bids? This is a contest that happens every week, and the winners are always ecstatic to win. That’s about $150 in free bids! DealDash has this contest weekly as a “thank you” to their loyal customers. Read on for some ways to improve your chances to win by taking excellent pictures.

How’s Your Lighting?

One of the key aspects for taking a great photo of yourself is to be sure that your lighting is adequate. You’ll want to Be sure that there is excellent lighting in your home, or take your item outside to take the pictures. Make sure that the light is focused onto you and the item, and that there are no shadows covering you. However, having natural light is best so waiting for a nice bright day might work in your favor.

Have a Backdrop

Another way to make your wins really “pop” is to set up a backdrop. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or complicated, even just hanging a plain neutral colored sheet behind you would do the trick. Try using gray, cream, or beige for the best pictures.

Post it on Facebook

After you have taken your photo of yourself with your win navigate to the DealDash Facebook page which is here, and “Like” it. Then you can post your picture to get free bids. Here are the instructions from DealDash detailing the instructions how to get free bids from Facebook:

1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.

2. Take a high-quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.

3. Send your best-looking photo to [email protected] and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $879 flatware set on@DealDash. I paid just $9.02 and used 109 bids! Thanks DealDash, they look nice in my kitchen”

4. In the end of the caption, please include the following sentence and the link (See the picture below):
See how much you can save at:

See the Official Rules

You can see all of these instructions and guidelines on the DealDash Facebook page here.

And the Unofficial Rules

Other than great lighting, here are a few other tips to help you take great photos of yourself and your DealDash wins:

  • Take the item out of the packaging so it’s easier to see.
  • If the item needs to be put together, like a bike, then do that before taking the picture.
  • If it’s a small item hold it up close to your face.
  • If it’s a larger item such as exercise equipment try to get someone else to take the picture for you so you can either sit on it or crouch down so you and the item are on the same level.
  • Make sure that your pics are CLEAR! There’s nothing worse than a blurry out of focus dark picture where you can barely even tell what the item is that you are trying to display.

Thanks for Reading

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