Follow These DealDash Instruction Tips

dealdash checklist

By observing and following my checklist on DealDash you will win more auctions. Enjoy your DealDash experience more by paying attention to these simple rules.

DealDash Tips is here to tell you exactly what to do to win more auctions and save more money. DealDash Tips understands that every new bidder has to start somewhere, and has made this outline for you to follow to win! If you follow this list you will more auctions than ever before on DealDash.


Use your BidBuddy. The BidBuddy is the number one way to win auctions on DealDash. Do you understand how the BidBuddy works? It’s simple to understand, and simple to use. The BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that will place your bids for you during the last few seconds of the auction.

The BidBuddy saves you money by placing bids at the exact moment that they need to be placed, taking turns with other BidBuddies until there is only one BidBuddy left – hopefully yours!

Your BidBuddy also saves you time since you don’t even have to sit at your computer or have it turned on as long as you have bids booked.

Alert Me

The Alert Me feature is very handy to use. If you’re interested in a particular auction that is not currently being offered, just hit the “Alert Me” button on the auction page. DealDash will send you an email when the item is up for auction.

Buy It Now

The Buy It Now (BIN) feature is a favorite with most of the bidders on DealDash. DealDash offers the BIN feature on each and every auction, for every single bidder that placed even a single bid. If you don’t win the auction you can BIN the item for its retail price (that is always listed very clearly on each auction’s page), and receive each and every bid that you placed on that auction, as well as free shipping on the item.

Free Bids

Be sure to log into DealDash every single day and place a few bids. Every day that you sign in and bid on DealDash you will be rewarded with free bids!

Please Do Your Research

Research the items that you are interested in before you begin bidding. Doing your research is smart for a few reasons, namely that you can figure out exactly what you want before you begin bidding. I recommend that you research everything that you can about each item before you bid. You’ll know how much the item is worth, how popular it is, and what price that the auction usually ends.


Thanks for Reading

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