DealDash Tips: Getting to Know the Bidders

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Do you know who you’re up against? Let’s get to know the other bidders.

There are many different types of bidders on DealDash. These bidders come from the 48 contiguous states and all different walks of life. You might be up against a retired grandma, a 21-year-old college kid, and a “shark” of a lawyer, all in the same auction! It’s interesting how there are so many different types of bidders there are, you can get a small glimpse into their life from reading their little bidder bio. Along with so many different types of people come different bidding styles. Here are some tips from DealDash on spotting the different types of bidders.

The Scattered Bidder

Bidders that scatter their bids here and there seemingly without too much thought behind it aren’t usually too much of a threat, in my opinion. These bidders are usually newbies, and don’t usually realize how many bids that it might really take to win an auction. Normally these bidders will throw 10 or 15 bids into an auction manually instead of using the BidBuddy, get frustrated, and move on.

Power Bidders

Everyone knows the Power Bidders! These are the bidders that just don’t stop. The Power Bidders will bid more than the value of the auction just to prove a point. These are bidders who will bid 1,000 bids on an item that’s only worth 400 bids, just to show everyone that they’re here to win. The Power Bidders are bidders that you really don’t want to tangle with. If I were you, I’d keep a list of the Power Bidders and make it a point not to get involved in auctions with them.

Smart Bidders

It should go without saying that a smart bidder is the kind of bidder that you want to be. Smart bidders are bidders who do their research, pick the best items, and bid cautiously. Smart bidders use their BidBuddies, stay away from the Power Bidders, and don’t get too emotionally invested in the auctions. These bidders are people who tend to win regularly, and BIN (Buy It Now) regularly as well. Smart bidders know that you can’t win them all, and they can get all of their bids back as well as free shipping when they BIN an item that they know they won’t win but have invested too many bids to quit. If you’re not a smart bidder, no problem! You can start implementing the practices of a smart bidder right away, and be well on your way to winning more auctions.

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