Three Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make at Deal Dash

The first mistake beginners make is they don’t read the “Tactics & Tips” laid out by DealDash at   It’s a really good idea to familiarize yourself with the site, and this is the best way to get the straight facts about how to play the game wisely.   It doesn’t hurt to read the FAQs and House Rules too  Knowing this will help you be a better player, quicker.
Beginners tend to be wasteful with their bids; be conservative with your bids!  On your first day, when you come into an auction it’s easy to get carried away in a whirlwind of activity, your first win feels awesome!  But that is exactly when it’s time to be extremely conservative with your bids.  A seasoned player will take a few moments when they arrive at the site to get a look at the playing field.  How many newbies are there? Find this out by watching a few auctions and reading the stats about the players.  Who are the seasoned players and what are their strengths and weakness’?   Be patient, you will get to know this valuable information.  A quick tip to see who is in the field is go to the Winners list, go down the right side of the list and see who’s winning.
The worst error of the newbie is over bidding!  There are two ways to overbid, one is by bidding after every bidder places a bid and disregard the Bid Buddy and the free bids every player earns while bidding.  If you bid after every player, you essentially cancel yourself out.  Sure you may win at first like that, but it’s not sustainable, and it is a waste of bids… and eventually you get that. The second way to over bid is to stay committed to an auction after you have paid full price in bids.  Keep in mind you can always purchase an item at regular retail, have it shipped free and get all your bids back, so overbidding is simply wasteful!  There is always another similar auction coming soon.
In the beginning it’s very tempting to overbid, but keep in mind these few guidelines.  1. Read the Tactics and Tips 2. Use your Bid Buddy 3. Don’t underestimate the power of the Buy It Now option, a bids back guarantee!
Most of all have fun!! DealDash is a fun and exciting way to get your shopping done and always offers Free Shipping!
Written by Donna, DealDash customer since 2014.