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Deal Dash has been influential in my life which has allowed me to help get clothes for my granddaughter.

My daughter is a single parent and if you have children you know children grow so quickly, it can be a hardship to keep up.  On Deal Dash I try to win TJX, Gap, Macy’,s and get her any other gift cards especially to her favorite store, Justice.

The savings on the gift cards afforded me to buy her the warmest winter parka, extra jogging outfits, hats, etc. Since we live in the Northeast, kids need everything to be warm in the winter. Clothes are so expensive that Deal Dash has become my clever way to save money. I took the time to stay the course and try to win. Sometimes, auctions would take a long time but as a Grandma, I will do anything to help out. It has made a difference in taking some of the financial stress off my daughter. Besides, what little girl doesn’t love new clothes?
Like most senior citizens, I am on Social Security so I am limited on spending. My granddaughter is 8 years old and understands the concept of Deal Dash. She is also one of the best dressed and always excited to see those gift cards I win or BIN on DealDash coming in the mail. Thank you, Deal Dash!
Sincerely, Grandmadebbie