Be Wise Beyond Your Years At DealDash!

There are a few mistakes the “Newbie” will commit. The first mistake beginners make is they don’t read the “Tactics and Tips” published by DealDash at   It is a lot of fun to come in to the auction and bid to win.  You went for the prize and you got it!  Don’t let this keep you from thinking before you bid in future auctions.  By thinking about what you want or need you will conserve bids.  If you throw bids out randomly on this and that…you will be sorely disappointed if you don’t win.  But DealDash is a fun game that just takes a little planning!
Another great resource for the beginner is on the DealDash site in the FAQs: , there you will find questions you may not have thought about yet and the solution to it.  Keeping in mind this is a game of chance, you might win and get a great deal, but if you don’t you do not have to go away empty handed, you can buy your item and get all the bids you used in the auction back to try for a new item.  That’s what makes DealDash so special, you don’t have to go away empty-handed.
Reading the House Rules at will also help you be a better-bidder even faster.  And if you are completely familiar with the rules, you will respect other players.  Let’s face it,  this is a game and you want to win, but there is a good way to win and a poor way to win.  Don’t be a poor player, you will most likely be taken down by another poor player while a dozen players are just sitting back and watching you both throw away bids.
A seasoned player will take a few moments when they arrive at the site to get a look at the playing field.  How many newbies are there? Who’s winning on the
‘Winner’ List” and what are they paying for it? These are a couple of simple questions to ask when you arrive at the auctions.
In the beginning it’s very tempting to start bidding without thought, but keep in mind these few guidelines.  1. Read the Tactics and Tips 2. Read FAQs 3. Read The House Rules and don’t underestimate the power of the Buy It Now option, a bids back guarantee!  All of  this will help you be a more seasoned player.
Most of all have fun!! DealDash is a fun, fair  and exciting way to get your shopping done, find great deal and DealDash always offers Free Shipping!
Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.