There is Only One DealDash

There are many penny auction sites on the internet, but there is only one DealDash!  DealDash has the best site going, and everyone who’s tried them all knows.  They stay with DealDash and it’s a no brainer!

Here’s a few reasons why DealDash is the best.  First, they have the best price for bids, and they always offer a sale.  One day bid prices could be .16 cents each, and the next day only .11 cents.  You have to check the blogs, the DealDash Facebook Page and your email inbox for updates on the going sale.  You can also see the current sale on the DealDash Main Page where you can pick up your bids to play.

There is the Bid Buddy.  It’s an automatic bidding system that will place a bid in your turn and no time is wasted.  Time is a very important factor at DealDash.  The longer you are “high bidder” the more free bids you will earn.  You have 9 seconds every time you bid to earn time toward your free bids meter.  The free bids are connected to the level you are at on DealDash. Each level rewards you with an increasing number of free bids. My next level will reward me 1080 bids!  That is a lot of potential free prizes.

Did I mention the Free Bids?  Yes, not only can you get free bids for time as high bidder, you can get free bids for positing a photo of you and your prize to the DealDash Community, they reward any where between 30 bids and 350 bids for your win and any qualifying photo is also entered in the “photo of the week contest” where one lucky poster wins 1000 bids for the best photo of the week.

The Dashboard at DealDash is your guide to the future and a look at the past, you can find any information you need from bidding history to your orders.  There is the profile, account info and won auctions.

Lot’s of auctions, I have never been bored looking at the numerous auctions at DealDash, they will put many auctions on the market every day, in fact, every minute at Deal Dash.

Outstanding Customer Service, I have never been disappointed with the outcome of a transaction with DealDash Customer Service, they are caring, understanding and kind.  They listen and they fix any issue you may have, no matter how trivial or how large.

DealDash has so many reason to love them and all you have to do is show up, buy some bids and join the fun.  They are the most fair and honest site online and you will win many prizes playing here, and you’ll win them for a great price.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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