Let’s Have a Ball! Back To School @ DealDash

soccer 15
Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball $15

Well, it’s that time of year again when we are thinking of signing the kids up for sports.  They are just about settled into school and they’re looking for that perfect extra curricular activity.  DealDash has a nice variety of games and sports balls to choose from and they will all be delivered free, all you need to do is win it! Fortunately, this category is an “easy-win” category. The balls priced under $50 you could win with 1-10 bids, and the larger prizes in this article only a few hundred.  This isn’t an exact science, you have to know when to back out.  If you’ve planned on winning with 20 bids keep it that simple.  There is always the next one.

ping pong 185
Ping Pong Table with Accessories $185

I put “easy-win” in italics because the caveat being, if you don’t win in a few bids and you just stick around to win anyway, you’re not getting the deal you deserve.  All of these products are around or under $200, and prizes tend to be easier to win in that price range.  Some of the items, like the Ping Pong Table will be very popular and will be something you’ll want to stay focused on.

disc golf 152
Venus Sports Disc Golf Target $152

The best advice for an item like this is to plan on using the Buy It Now (BIN) amount of bids to win it, and then when you win it with only a few bids, that’s great! But if you don’t win it once you’ve reached the retail value, you can purchase the item and DealDash will refund the bids you used trying.  To figure out how many bids to use to BIN you simply divide the retail value of the item by the cost of the bids and you are left with the number of bids to load into your Bid Buddy. For example, let’s use the Disc Golf Target. $152./.15 cents=1013 bids.  If you planned on Binning this item and you do, you would get all 1013 bids back if you purchased it.  You don’t have to use that many bids, you could essentially use 10 bids and do it but the more you use, the more that are returned to you.

 VollyBall with Accessories $211
VollyBall with Accessories $211

The Disc Golf Target is a new item and will be popular among young people.  Keeping in mind, the bidding process will also reward you with free bids simply for your Time As High Bidder (TAHB). This is a gift from DealDash for all the effort we put into bidding.  You can collect time as highest bidder each time you place a bid, then this time is converted to bids when you reach the next “level”, you’ll receive 100’s of bids at first, but as time goes by, you are in the upper levels you will receive in the 1000’s of free bids!

Voit Jr. Lite 80 Basket Ball $14
Voit Jr. Lite 80 Basket Ball $14

All you have to do to get these rewards is bid!  They are yours for the taking, and why not have fun shopping, DealDash is the most fun you’ll have shopping ever.  So think of a clever username and find yourself some great merchandise for your home, family and friends.  You will and can win any of these items with a handful of bids.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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