DealDash Tips: Patience for the WIN!

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to win auctions regularly on a regular basis on DealDash? The answer is surprisingly simple—it’s patience!  It took me long time to understand this concept because it’s so easy to get caught up in wanting a quick win.


Having Patience After Getting A Quick Win

If you’re like most DealDash winners, somewhere along the line you’ve experienced that awesome quick win for just a few bids and a few pennies for a final price. The first time I ever bid on DealDash, I won a $10 gift card for just three cents and one bid! It was amazing, not to mention exhilarating. Bidders need to understand that these types of wins do occur every day on DealDash but they are more attributed to luck than anything else. If you want to keep winning, you will need to educate yourself on strategy and patience.


Setting Goals, Setting Limits


Determine which auctions you really want to win. Whether your wish list item is big or small, patience will play a key role in your success. You will certainly need to implore more patience for a big-ticket item as the auctions usually last much longer than smaller ones. And get ready to set limits, too. Know your bottom line and how many bids you’re willing to spend on each item. Then do your homework.


Researching Takes Time and Patience


Research takes time…and you guessed it—patience. Following the item you want over time (a week or more is a good rule of thumb), will enable you to get a sense of what days and times might result in a better ending price, if there are repeat bidders on the item, bidding patterns and average final ending prices. When you’ve done your research and are ready to bid, you’ll have more knowledge and confidence to get the win.


As Always, BidBuddy Helps


When it comes to patience, there is no better friend a bidder can have on DealDash than BidBuddy. Setting your bids ahead of time allows you to watch multiple auctions or walk away when you need to take care of other things. BidBuddy aids in the patience factor because you can let BidBuddy do the bidding for you and not worry about the auctions.


Patience for the Long Haul


It’s always exciting, when an auction ends sooner rather than later. But keep in mind that being patient often pays off. I don’t know how many times I got frustrated and impatient when an experienced bidder entered the auction and I left the auction to find that the experienced bidder merely made a one-bid appearance and the next bidder won! It could have been me winning the auction if I had only been—yup!!—patient!!!


So hang in there and use the proven strategy of patience to get the win on DealDash!



This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.