It’s More Than a Winner’s List at DealDash

The first day you go to DealDash you are likely to view the Winner’s List, and there you will see, well, a list of winners.  But, as you become more acquainted with the other players, this information will be so much more than just a list.  Sure, it’s nice to see the Winner’s, and you will check it often in the beginning.

Not only can you learn who won what, you can see what the final price was.  Pay close attention to the final price when the site is having a Free Wins Sale, the closing price is going to be higher because most players will factor the free win into the cost of their bids thereby using more bids.  What you can learn from the final price during auctions is valuable information.  First, you can see what final prices are trending at.  For example, if there is several auctions closing at or around .20 cents the trend is there are most likely fewer players, and the auctions are closing for pennies of the value.

What I don’t want you to forget, is to come back and check it a lot, even as you become a better player.  Check it more than you might think is enough.  There have been times I’ve forgotten to check the Winner’s List, and as it turned out once, I was bidding against someone who just won 5000 bids!  That’s not a good use of my bids, knowing the opponent has that many bids.  There is a chance they could make a mistake, so I would hang in there for a while, but if they don’t mess up right away, I leave until they use up some bids.

You can also see what a nemesis is winning, so once they’ve won an item, they can’t win it again for another week, then you jump into the next auction, where that person won’t show up.   There’s only a handful of players that I would rather not battle with, you may find that to be the case for you too.  So, now if this person is out of the field, I feel more likely to win.   Keep in mind, there is always going to be a nemesis, but some are more notorious than others.  Don’t focus on that unless you encounter a person who won’t let go, you may be battling with someone who can’t lose, won’t lose and refuses to lose, and luckily for us they make mistakes too!

When you get acquainted with DealDash, don’t leave out your Winner’s List Page.  Check it first, check it often and use the information to help you win more auctions.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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