The Importance of DealDash Bios

Each person at DealDash is given a certain amount of space to make a comment to other players, your comment tells a great deal about you and it’s flashed on the screen every single time you bid!!

So, let’s talk about those comments, some are as simple as, “.”  <— see the dot? Then you have your “….” three dots! These may not be very clever, but they are smart.  They tell nothing about the player.  I use a quote that I feel may makes someone think twice before bidding against me in the vain of I will us a lot of bids. The most boring comment is the default, it says something like “This bidder has not filled out their comment for 3 free bids”…This tells me a few things, 1.  lazy, therefore won’t be patient  2. They can’t think of anything at all, therefore, not very clever. 3. It’s their strategy, however boring it’s a strategy.

Then there are the players who say things that definitely tell what’s on their mind. For example, “If you stomp me, I’ll stomp back”  This is one hot mess!  There is bound to be a Newbie and an Oldie fighting out and raising the price of the item.  This is just senseless bidding and should be avoided.

There is the guy who says, “I give everything to charity”…..suuuuure you do, sometime I believe them and sometimes I don’t! Some people will say, “Don’t jump it’s just not fair!” and then after you’ve placed 100’s bids they show up spouting this “little white lie”….that’s it! it’s a lie, and their strategy, but you will remember them next time.  What I’ve found to be the truth is there is no truth!  Everyone is making a comment that won’t get denied by the powers that be at DealDash, yet they still want to intimidate other players.

There are players who say, “I will never stop” and they never do.  Next time just let them win, it won’t cost you as much and he’s broke now or has very deep pockets.  If you have deep pocket too, good luck to both of you, I see a 4 day battle with one person possibly broke, regardless if he’s high income or not.

I’ve seen a comment like “I’m here until the end, take a nap, see you later”  and then 50 bids later they are gone….over and over!

My biggest advice I can give you about comments is mostly they are just a bunch of bunk!  No one is telling the truth.  Very few people actually BIN an item over 1000 dollars, so if your in an auction with some one who says, “it it to win it” I say, “aren’t we all!” yes we are, no one play DealDash to lose.  The people who tell you what they do for a living, I’m a doctor, a lawyer, a finance banker….really? “I’m the president and I have all this spare time.”

The beauty of losing at DD is you can purchase any item you’ve bid on and get all those bids back, who does that? NO ONE except DealDash.

Be very careful when reading other players, they usually don’t tell the truth, they inflate what they are willing to BIN, and then there is a handful of players who MUST WIN, and the number one characteristic of these players is they don’t last, they are around for a couple of months they stomp, they jump, they overbid, and then they are gone.  Don’t do this to yourself!  If you love DealDash, read my blog regularly, I’ll give you the real skinny! No fluff, just pure strategy.

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Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!