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robot-wowwee-74Technology comes in all types and sizes, and you can find a great number of technologic fun items at DealDash.  These items are usually very popular, so you’ll want to be prepared to do battle with your opponent.  I find there are a lot of Newbies who play in this field as well, and they tend to stomp bids until they figure out the Bid Buddy is the best way to win auctions.

irobot roombaThat being said, you need to stay involved with an auction, especially in the beginning of the auction.  I will back out if there are many stompers or Newbies, but that depends on how many bids you have or are willing to use.  On occasion a tech prize will go for a couple of days before it ends, that’s why you must be willing to load the bids into your Bid Buddy, so you can go to sleep at night.  The Bid Buddy is a beautiful feature at DealDash that bids for you when you can’t be at the computer.  I use it all the time, even if I am only going to use a few bids, it’s a foolproof way to get your bidding done in a timely manner.

ipad air 2So, when you go for the tablet, the metal detector, a go cart, or the robots, be prepared to do battle.  I’ve seen all these items go for just a few dollars, but there are a lot of factors that come into play.  First, it helps to know the players, so watch a few auctions.  You will get a sense for the players who bid in every auction and then tucker out, or if they are the type of player who never leaves or may overbid.

Bid in auctions that others have won recently.  By that I mean, open the auction.  See the list of players who won the item recently, any of those winners may not be able to win the item if they just won it because you can win each item only once a week.  You can win as many items as you wish, you just can’t duplicate an item for 7 days.  This gives you an advantage when someone you don’t want to do battle with is on the list and their date is within a week, they are out!

razor-kart-304Another factor is how often an item is offered.  Some of these really popular items come out about once a week, you need to plan to win with these special items.  Be sure to use the “Alert Me” feature which is located inside every auction.  Just open one and hit the “Alert Me” tab and DealDash will send you a notification when it’s scheduled.  If you find an item in the search bar you can also set an alert there directly.

There are a lot of fun technologies at DealDash, and with a little practice you can win some too.  There is always a great deal around the corner.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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