Stay True on DealDash!

Here’s the thing, I always want to go off on my own at DealDash on some random bidding frenzy, but the more auctions I win (and there has been more than 450) the more I see that’s a wasteful use of bids.

I go above and beyond the usual player to win my 350 free bids each week by posting to DealDash’s Facebook page, but if I don’t win something with those 350 bids,  I am disappointed in myself.  What I’ve noticed, if I hold true to one auction with my free 350 bids, I will win something, most likely a small prize.  Small prizes are defined in my blog by anything under $200, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to win, it’s just under $200.  Years ago, DD allowed us to win a number of prizes under $200 and a number over $200, but now we can win 9 prizes of any value each week.  It’s a love/hate relationship with the other players that they took away the restrictions.  I am of the school of, YAY, let me win them all over $200.

But, if I try to parlay the 350 bids to more than one prize, I lose.  So here is what I did this week to promote this article.  I  had 1000 bids, I was bidding to parlay my bids to more, than I was going to go for that one prize I’ve been dreaming of. What actually happened is I spread myself too thin, I entered too many auctions and it was down to me and one other players in three auctions, and I lost them all!!!  This was a rookie mistake and I should have evaluated the players and chose only one auction to be in, I would have won it. Yet, instead, I watched all my bids tick away in my greedy attempt.

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The next time I bid, it will be a more closely thought out decision.  I write about it all the time on my blog, but once in awhile I break my own rules…, and I lose.

It’s not rocket science folks, we have to decide to walk away from an auction at times. I find the players who just can’t do this spend thousand on bids and still pay a small fortune for the item, usually much more that retail.  Those players obviously have a problem, but they are out there every day, and there are new people joining every day who make the same mistakes.

Just stay away from these players!  IT’S OK TO WALK AWAY FROM AN AUCTION!!!! It took me over a year to do this, and once I realized I could purchase any item I’ve bid on and get all my bids back, I stopped overbidding.  I hope you don’t spend another day overbidding if that is your “stick”.  I get it, once in awhile I revert back to the old days and can’t help it.  I must be bid Crazy”.

By definition, Bid Crazy means any bidding activity that uses no sense what so ever spending way too many bids on nothing!

I hope this little bit  of personal experience helps you not to overbid or spread yourself too thin when bidding at Deal Dash.  “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”.  It’s the same way with bidders….you never know who you’re going to get!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!