DealDash Tips to Stop Overbidding

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Finding yourself overbidding in the middle of an auction can be a little stressful. Here are some of the top DealDash tips to stop overbidding.

Are you the sort of person who just click, click, clicks the bid button when you’re in a DealDash auction? Stop that! You’re not doing yourself any favors by overbidding, and you’re probably annoying the other bidders as well. Before you find out how to stop overbidding, you’re going to have to figure out why you’re overbidding. Here are some tips fro DealDash to help.

You’re Overexcited

Are you new on DealDash? Are you still in the “oh so excited” honeymoon phase? Being overexcited is a very common reason that people tend to overbid in DealDash auctions. The way to correct this, of course, is to slow down! Think before you act. Don’t be impulsive.

Not Counting Your Bids

Along with being overexcited, another reason that you might be overbidding is that you just aren’t paying attention to how many bids that you are spending. It’s very easy to keep clicking and not pay attention to how many bids that you’re really spending. There is a simple solution to this as well – BidBuddy! BidBuddy is here for you. You don’t need to sit there and click, click, click and lose track of how many bids that you are spending. Figure out ahead of time how many bids that you want to spend on a particular auction, input that amount into the BidBuddy, and let him do the clicking for you.

Using the BidBuddy on every single auction is a smart move. Do you always use your BidBuddy? You should! In addition to helping you keep track of how many bids that you are spending, the BidBuddy can save you if your power goes out, your internet connection flickers, or your computer decides to do the dreaded “Update, install, and re-start” when you are in the middle of bidding in a DealDash auction. Be smart, use BidBuddy – every time.

Do You Know the Value of the Item?

Another reason that you might overbid in an auction is that you don’t know the actual value of the item. Every DealDash item clearly displays the retail price of the item on the auction, however, not everyone pays attention to this. You can tell that people aren’t paying attention when they end up spending $50 on a $50 item. That’s just silly because you have to take into account the price of the bids that they spent as well. Be smart and check out the value of the item before you start bidding all over the place. You will save yourself some bids, money, and aggravation as well.

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