DealDash – Easier to Win

So you like winning a lot of small items quickly?  Well who doesn’t?!  Sometimes it’s just fun to poke around and not care about what you’re bidding on.  The items with higher value take quite a bit more time and concentration.  You can just rack up bids and walk away, and that has it’s place, but what I’m talking about is just a little “Willie-Nillie” random bidding!

under 200 perk pet hum feeder 22

The best items to bid on during random bidding are under $200 or around $200, when you get much higher than that it takes longer and that’s not what today is about!  This is a great gift giving idea, if you are in the market for a gift place some random bids in your price range and if you don’t win it you can buy it (Buy It Now) and get all your bids back to bid on an item for yourself!

There is a nice variety of bird feeders for sale at DealDash, this is one of my favorite items to win as gifts. They range in value and usually don’t have a very large crowd at them.

under 200 microwave 117

You can get some great kitchen appliances under $200 dollars and the auctions are not as short as a $35 auction, but they do usually end with under 2000 bids. That’s total bids placed by all players, which translates to about $20.00 final price.  I have won a couple of microwaves with less than 200 bids, I really needed one so I went for it and won.  Then my friend wanted one, so I went for his too and won!  You might be tempted to go for the KitchenAid, and I say go for it, but not today, that auction is going to be a battle and won’t fit into your style today.

under 200 blender

So you have the toaster and you have the microwave, now go for the blender! This $30 Oster Osterizer is a perfect fit, this is an item that should be won for just a few dollars, if you don’t win right away it’s time to bail, don’t waste your bids in a big battle.  The exception to this is you plan on racking up the value of the item in bids, this way you can purchase the item and get your bids back.  This is such a cool feature about Deal Dash, they don’t want us to leave empty handed.

under 200 ped cuddler

You can also find a bunch of pet items that go very low.  These are also fun to go for when DealDash is having one of its free sales, then you pay one penny transaction fee and it’s yours, shipped free too.  You will never pay shipping at DealDash no matter how large the item is….never. This Pet Bed retail for only $14 so if you wanted to rack up the bids, you would divide the value, 14 by the price of the bids .15, that’s 93 bids and you own it win or BIN!  Easy-Peasy!

pet paw furry

You may be tempted to stomp during this type of bidding, but I’m here to ask you please don’t .  The stomper never wins in the end.  If you’re placing a bid after every person you are not conserving bids, and you make it appear, to people stopping by the auction, that there are less people and so they join in so not only do you waste bids but you invite more players.

However you bid, let your hair down and just bid on some fun low priced stuff, go ahead the fireworks are great!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.