Remember to check out DealDash Badges!

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I check to see how I am doing in the DealDash Badge department. I completed 18 out of 28 DealDash badges so far.

Why Badges?

I’m not sure why the DealDash team decided to offer customers the opportunity to earn badges, but my guess is two-fold: It encourages us to spread our wings and diversify by participating in the kinds of auctions; and gives us new goals and new ways to challenge ourselves.

Three Easy-to-Win Badges

I started with the easy-to-win badges. Three badges I believe are easy-to-win are:

  • New Best Friend — Book two BidBuddies. This is an easy badge to win because it only requires a few bids.
  • Story Time — Write something about yourself in your Bidder Bio. This is also easy to do because we only need to write one or two simple sentences. Some bidders attempt to use this section by making statements to intimidate others, but that’s against DealDash policy.
  • Worth a Thousand Words — Set a customer avatar for your profile. I chose a photo of myself but DealDash has plenty of other avatar icons customers can choose.

Three Difficult-to-Win Badges

I believe three difficult-to-win badges are:

  • The Explorer — Win an auction from six different categories. This one is more challenging. So far, it appears I have only won auctions in four different categories out of the six I need.
  • Endurance Race — Win an auction that runs for more than 10 hours. Most auctions that run for 10 hours or longer would probably require a large number of bids because they are most likely high-dollar auctions that everybody and their grandparents will bid on.
  • The Champion — Win a total of 1,000 auctions. This one could take customers several years to complete. I’ve been a loyal customer of DealDash since Feb. 8, 2012, and so far I won a total of 778 auctions, so it might take me a few more years to earn this one.

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