DealDash Tips to Get Your “Bid’s Worth”


Getting your “bid’s worth” when you are bidding on DealDash is just as important as getting your money’s worth when you are shopping at the store. Here are some tips to help.

There are lots of ways to conserve and “stretch out” your bids, therefore, getting your bid’s worth on DealDash. This is important, especially if you are on a bidding budget, self-imposed or otherwise. This article is going to tell you some of the best ways to get your bid’s worth on DealDash. Read on for more information.

Conserve Your Bids by Getting Free Ones

You can easily conserve the bids that you bought with your hard-earned money by getting free bids from DealDash. There are many different ways to get free bids, and DealDash management often comes up with new and different ones. For example, you can get bids for completing special challenges that you learn about by signing into the site and checking what’s written on the banner of the main page. Just click here and take a look and see if there are any special challenges going on today.

There are other ways to get free bids, such as collecting time on your bid meter. Your bid meter is located at the bottom of your screen and fills up with green when you are the highest bidder in an auction. You can collect many, many minutes by just participating in auctions. You can collect time in auctions that are going on simultaneously if you are using your BidBuddy. This is called “Time As The Highest Bidder”, and most bidders love to collect free bids this way.

Remember, when you are bidding with free bids that DealDash give you, you are saving the bids that you paid for. This is an excellent strategy to get your bid’s worth when you are participating on DealDash.

Don’t Bid on Just Anything

I have been bidding in auctions for many years now. One thing that I never understand is why people waste their bids by bidding just a few bids here and there and then complain when they don’t win. Sure, you can occasionally get a win with just a few bids, but that’s extremely unlikely to happen when there are at least 5 people already bidding in the same auction. However, I see it happen time and time again. It’s a much better strategy to spend bids on things that you are really interested in winning.

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