Earn a Badge

How many badges have you earned on DealDash.com lately?

We all like to set goals, right? Perhaps we could set a goal to win one new badge every week, or all of them by the end of the next year. I earned 13 badges so far, and every time I earn a new badge, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Anybody can earn at least four badges because they are so easy to get — New Best Friend for booking two BidBuddies, Story Time for writing something about yourself in your Bidder Bio, Worth a Thousand Words for setting a custom avatar for your profile, and Automation for winning an auction using BidBuddy.

Four more badges that are fairly easy to win are:

  • Me and My Buddies for booking a BidBuddy in 5 different auctions at the same time. We only need to invest 5 bids to earn this badge because we could choose to place only one bid in 5 different auctions.
  • Runner Up for finishing in second place in an auction. I finished second next to the winner so many times that I feel like I set a record. In fact, I would be a very happy camper if DealDash ever rewarded us “runners up” by returning all of our bids free.
  • In It to Win It for placing 100 or more bids in an auction. Anyone could easily save up 100 bids without even purchasing any more Bid Packs. We would simply need to log in and place at least one bid in an auction every day for eight days.
  • On The Go for logging in with the DealDash app on Android or iOS. How difficult could this be? Most people own at least one Android these days.

Perhaps two of the most difficult badges to earn are: The Champion for winning a total of 1,000 auctions and Going the Distance for placing a total of 1,000,000 bids in all auctions on DealDash.

Some badges I might never win, but it could be fun trying.  Which badges do you think you could win?

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