DealDash Tips You Need This Week


This will be an exciting week for wins and BINs on DealDash. Here are some tips you should use this week.

This week is a great day to be a bidder on DealDash! There are lots of amazing things that are going to be up for auction this week. You’ll want to keep an eye out for some interesting items and snag some great deals. Read these tips and have a great week!

No New Bidders After $10?!

You might notice something different that’s going on today – instead of having a $5 No Jumper limit there is a $10 limit today. What is $5 No Jumper? This denotes that there are no new bidders permitted into an auction after it gets to five dollars. This means that there’s an even greater chance that you will be victorious because there will be far fewer individuals in each auction. That’s good news for every one of the bidders. There are lots of auctions offered to bid on, so don’t stress, there sufficient items for everybody. That’s one of the marvelous aspects of DealDash, there are new auctions starting every 2 minutes usually. However, today the limit is $10. This is excellent news for some of the larger auctions that typically end for over $1,000. The major thing that you need to remember for this promotion is to be sure to get your bids in before the auction reaches $10.

It’s Important to BIN if You’ve Used Many Bids

If you have been bidding on an auction and you have spent too many bids then it’s important that you know how to use the BIN (Buy It Now) feature. You can BIN any auction that you have participated in. You’ll get all of your bids back after you pay the retail price of the item. Each item’s BIN price is located on their auction pages.

If you’re ready to BIN, look at the main page of the auction. You’ll find a  black box on the right-hand side of the page. At the bottom of the box, you will see a button that says “Buy this item for ___”. Just click that box and you can BIN the item. Pay for the item, and then DeaDash will refund all of your bids that you used on this particular item. Not only that, DealDash also provides free shipping.

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Using these tips this week on DealDash will help you save money and bids. Try these tips from DealDash this week and you’ll have more bids in your bid bank. When you need help, just refer back to the blog for information.

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