New Year’s Sales At DealDash!

DealDash loves to celebrate all holidays with amazing sales and this week is no exception!  This Wed. the 30th bids are on sale for only .13 cents and 100 auctions will start at exactly 3PM, plus you will get 50% off the final selling price, so if your auctions is won at $4.00 you pay only $2.00.  
When 100 auctions start at once there is a frenzy of bidding, carefully select your items to bid on before the auction starts, bookmark it by placing a yellow star on the auction.  Don’t spread yourself too thin, I’ve done this and it is one way to quickly gobble up your bids.  Choose wisely a number of auctions you feel comfortable managing, and set the Bid Buddy!  Knowing the competition always helps, so keep track of who’s bidding and how they bid, do they come early and stay late? do they bid once and return after $5, this type of information is helpful to winning auctions. 
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Thursday, New Year’s Eve bids are only .12 cents and there are no new bidders after $2.00!  Deal Dash has a policy that blocks new players to enter an auction and usually it’s no new bidders after $5.00 but this holiday Deal Dash is setting the bar at two dollars! When bids are .12 cents it’s a good time to load up a quantity of bids because you will get the most for the least…win, win. This sale continues on Friday New Year’s Day.
Make it your New Year’s Resolution to post your wins on the Deal Dash Facebook page, you will earn free bids for your effort, and you get to see the people you are bidding against, it’s fun and interesting!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!