DealDash Tips: Host Gifts, It’s Almost 2016

If you have a party to go to or a party to host, you will need a host gift or a door prize.  It’s a wonderful tradition to thank the hosts for their time and energy with a small gift.  DealDash has a whimsical selection of gift items that would make perfect Host Gift or Door Prize.  You will find, cutting boards, pie servers, wine glasses.  There are carafes, butcher knives, candles and beautiful home decor. There are so many great deals happening right now at it’s a super time to make good use of a small bid pack.  Small gift items generally are easier to win as most players are working on the big items that take hours and days.  
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Purchase just enough bids to pay retail for the item and stack them up on your favorite Gift Basket or small gift. If the item is $30.00, you’ll want about 200 bids, if you don’t win it, you can “Buy It Now” (BIN) and get your 200 bids back to play for another item.  You can also keep bids in your bank at DealDash, they never expire. 
I’ve won a dozen or more small appliances for my kitchen and as gifts, and every auction has a low final price.  Realistically, you can’t win them all, but there is a good chance when you bid small.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.