The Best Time To Shop At DealDash

The best time to play at DealDash is whenever!  But really there are better times to shop than others.  The first thing to consider when you are going to bid, especially on a high value item, what sale is going on at DealDash, and how can I use that to my advantage? i.e. free bids, reduced priced bids, multiple auctions at once.
I always try to bid when there are Free Bid Sales, this is the meter that tallies the amount of time you have been bidding at DealDash, and they will reward you with free bids at increasing amounts and raise your player standing by 1 level.  For example this Black Friday November 27 DealDash will be rewarding every player 7 times the free bids than usual!  Seven Times! I’ve never seen that before, thanks DealDash!
Mornings are a great time to go for the kitchen appliances, home goods and low retail items.  The site is usually less crowded from 2AM until 7-8AM EST.  From 7-10 AM you can get lucky, but the whole country is waking up and racking up the bids.  I am one who will do this, get up and place a bunch of bids on something and then go about my day.
This Black Friday sale doesn’t stop at 7 times Free Bids, DealDash is also offering it’s lowest bid prices in 2015, .11 cents!!! Black Friday is a perfect day to stay home an Deal Dash because the malls will be crowded and you’ll use gasoline, you’ll have to eat some fast food, so jut stay home have a turkey sandwich and DASH!
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Of course, a really good time to shop at DealDash is a holiday like Thanksgiving, when everyone is out at Grandmas, you can place a bunch of bids, go eat some turkey and come back to your new prize!  One of the most interesting and exciting sales at DealDash is when they put 50- 100 items on the market at the same time, that increases your chances of winning an item for only pennies exponentially!  There is a wonderful opportunity to plan ahead if you know there will be this kind of sale, you can move forward on the sales schedule by clicking the pages at the bottom of the Auction Page. There are a lot of players during this sale, it is a frenzy of activity and many items go for just pennies, it’s so exciting!  This Black Friday, DealDash is going to have  150 Auctions begin at 2PM!!!!
Certain days of the week are better than others, so not only are holidays a good time to DealDash, I have found one day of the week that works best for my schedule and works for me.  You will find the best times to bid for you by trial.  The weekends are full of bidders, which sometimes can work in your favor.  Let’s say there is a very popular item, for some reason everyone wants this one, you go for the other item, the one everyone has overlooked, this is your best shot at an easy win.  But as always, be prepared to do battle, hope for the big win but be prepared to BIN.
It doesn’t matter which of the DealDash sales is your favorite, we are getting them all this Black Friday!  7 times the free bids, .11 cent bids the lowest price in 2015 and 150 items at once!  DealDash has really stepped it up with sale, it’s obviously them Thanking us for a great year.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Bidding!!!!