New Free Bid Feature at DealDash

Every day at DealDash the creators try to think of ways to please the customer. I’ve been pleased over and over by the choices they’ve made to make DealDash more fun for me and you.  There are a lot of features that make us want to come back, but the latest of these is  the return for free bids, there is a new feature at DealDash where you can come to the site and get free bids, but if you come to the site every day for more than 7 days, you will win 30 bids for every one of those consecutive days. There is nothing better than getting 30 free bids every day!

So, for every day that your reenter the DealDash site you will receive an exponentially  higher amount of bids until you reach 30 bids, once you reach that point, you will receive 30 bids each day you come back to the site.  So if you come back 5 days in a row, you will be rewarded 150 free bids.  If you miss a day, they start over and you can reach the 30 a day again and again.

These are bids you can win with!  They are free and any bid you place with these bids matters.   You can win more bids and you can win real items.  This is just another great way DealDash thanks us for showing up at their site.

I’ve won several items at DealDash this week with less than 30 bids, here is a short list of these wins:

  • Shoulder Massager 16 bids
  • Shoulder Bag, Purse 6 bids
  • 2 Ct Ear Rings, 18 bids
  • Wall Decor, 29 bids

You will win prizes with your free bids too. Stick to the lower retail prizes if you really want to win, the chances of winning a high value prize with less than 30 bids is significantly less.  The point is you want to win, so, go get your free bids and win some great prizes! DealDash wants you back.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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