Maximizing Free Bids

We have many ways to earn free bids on but to maximize free bids we must understand where they come from and how they work.

Daily Challenge Bids

Most of the days we log in to DealDash we will see a window pop up telling us what the “Daily Challenge” is for the day. For example, the challenge for today is bid in five fashion and beauty auctions to be rewarded with 10 bids. Even if we place only one bid in five auctions in the selected category, we will receive 10 bids. That means we would be five bids ahead.

Sometimes the “Daily Challenge” for the day might disappear from our screen before we have a chance to read it. If that happens all we have to do is go to our Dashboard and click on the badges window, where the “Daily Challenge” will be listed. The most important thing to know about the “Daily Challenge” is that we must log into DealDash on a regular basis and meet the challenge to collect the reward. Some challenges are a lot easier to meet than others. If the challenge is to win two auctions that day it might not be so easy, but it’s still fun to see how many we can accomplish.

Leaderboard Feature Bids

Sometimes I feel frustrated if I place 400 bids in an auction and at the end of the auction I see that the winner used only 30 bids to win the auction. When something like that happens, it hardly seems fair, does it? Well, DealDash now has a Leaderboard Feature that fixes that problem. The top three players who used the most bids in the auction will get rewarded with free bids when the auction closes.

At first, I did not like the Leaderboard Feature because I did not understand how to use it to my advantage. I thought it rewarded other players for cutting the clock and jumping on our bids. However, DealDash fixed that problem, too. Now if anyone jumps on our bids before the clock runs out, we still receive a full 9 seconds on the clock for each and every bid we placed with the BidBuddy. The top three players who clock the most time in any given auction during the Leaderboard Feature will receive a specified number of free bids, and it is even possible to get more bids back than we put in.

Daily Free Bids

Many players might not understand how the daily free bids work. The key to receiving as much as 30 free bids every day is by logging in and using 30 bids every day. When we first start, however, we might only get a lower number of bids for about five days because it works on a graduating scale. Once we qualify for a maximum of 30 free bids, we will continue to qualify for the 30 bids as long as we never miss a day of logging-in and placing at least one bid.

Now here’s the part some players might not understand or find confusing. Just because we qualify for up to 30 free bids a day does not mean we will receive 30 bids a day because that actually depends on the number of bids we placed the day before. If we placed at least 30 bids the day before then we will receive the 30 free bids, but if we only placed 3 bids the day before we will only receive 3 bids and if we placed 7 bids the day before we will only get 7 bids. The reason we might find it confusing is because a window will pop up and we will see it go up to 30 bids. However, if we go to our Dashboard and open the “Transaction” window we will see how many free bids we actually received.

Does that mean that it’s not to our benefit to place 30 bids if we only get 30 bids and never get any extra bids to the ahead?  No, because every one of those 30 bids are still giving us credit on our time on the clock and that will move our green line to the end that much sooner.

Time on the Clock Bids

Regardless of the feature DealDash happens to be running, every time we place a bid with the BidBuddy in any auction we receive 9 seconds on the clock and we will see the green line on the bottom right of our computer screen move to the right. If we are using another electronic device like the smartphone apps, it might be located in a slightly different place. When the green line moves all the way to the end of the line we receive a specified number of free bids based on the level we are on. When we collect our bids, we move to the next level up and it starts all over again. In other words, every bid we place counts toward earning these free bids.

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